How To Design Your Powerpoint Slides Like a Pro

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Have you ever wanted basic training on how to design your Powerpoint slides? There are so many nuances to PPT that can make it difficult for the vision you have for a project to become a reality. In this on-demand webinar our facilitators, Kesha and Cortney, will walk you through some basic design principles and techniques that will make your Powerpoint designs stand out like a pro. Tune in as they share actionable tips and tricks for working creatively in the confines of brand standards, how to utilize color in an elevated fashion, and more!



How to work with restricting color palettes & incorporate secondary and tertiary colors the right way

The do’s and don’ts for incorporating stock images and graphics into training & tips for getting client approval on graphics and photos 

How to utilize classic graphic design techniques to control visual hierarchy (and why this is crucial for learner engagement!)

Meet Your Facilitators

KESHA DOUGAN | ttcInnovations

Kesha has been in the learning industry for over 20 years helping companies and individuals reach their highest potential. Helping companies create training solutions to match the needs of the learner is a true passion of hers. She is a true creative person and brings her out-of-the box thinking and can-do spirit into everything she does. Her philosophy is to be open to change and willing to take risks that produce breakthrough performance. Her favorite quote is from Audrey Hepburn – Nothing is impossible; the word itself says “I’m possible!”

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woman sitting at computer holding a coffee cup in hand, smiling at the viewer


Cortney is a freelance designer and the creative owner behind Alvarado Creative Co. She has designed for clients both small and large, creating visual content for first-time business owners, best-selling authors and brand partnerships under companies as large as 3M, Tide and Colgate. She has been known to impress her clients with her efficiency, communication and friendly demeanor. She is a proud “Innovator” and enjoys spending her free time working on her first home with her husband in Escondido, CA.

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"Always love attending your webinars! The examples and check in questions are a great approach and keeps me engaged." — Elaine S.

“Extremely relevant and timely for my organization.” — Michael B.  

“You all did a great job! Your voices were very upbeat, and it sounded as if you both were having fun. I think the topic can be a bit complex and you made it simple. The time went by quickly." — Cheryl S.

Are you ready to design your Powerpoint slides like a pro?